Frequently asked questions


About our wood furniture

What wood do you use, and where does it come from?

Our plywood is made in the Baltic states exclusively from European maple also known as sycamore, sourced in forests in Poland and Slovakia. All plies are made of the same maple, not just the face plies. The result is a plywood of exceptional hardness with beautiful, bright edges.

Is plywood as good as solid wood?

Our plywood, made of maple throughout, is as good as solid maple. In fact it is as costly as solid maple or more.

Plywood makes optimal use of a tree trunk: it is unrolled like a pencil in a sharpener, forming plies which are stacked with the grain perpendicular, glued and pressed industrially. While solid wood warps with changes in humidity, plywood tends to remain flat, which is essential for our furniture.

Where and how is your wood furniture made?

Our plywood furniture is manufactured in the Baltic states using computer-controlled cutting and hand finishing. The hand finishing is essential to achieving smooth edges.

Are the edges of your wood furniture rounded and treated?

Yes, all edges are given a 3 mm radius and all corners are rounded for safety and comfort. All surfaces and edges are sanded and lacquered.

How can I care for my Without Screws wood furniture?

The maple plywood is lacquered. Do not apply wood oil. Dry liquids quickly and use coasters to prevent damaging the surface.

The lacquered plywood will initially become slightly more yellow with exposure to sunlight. We recommend that you do not leave objects on the furniture in direct sunlight during this initial period.

To clean, use a damp cloth and a drop of washing-up liquid.

Where can I use my Without Screws wood furniture?

Our wood furniture is made for use indoors, in a domestic or clerical setting (for example, a home or an office). Do not use it outdoors as the variation in humidity may cause it to warp.


Help, how do I assemble or take apart my product?

First, watch the “How to assemble” and “How to take apart” videos on our web page of your product.

If you still have difficulty, don’t force anything, contact us and we’ll reply quickly.

Why are your prices high?

Manufacturing in Europe with European materials is expensive. On the plus side, the source of the materials can be ascertained, and the quality of craftsmanship is excellent. Our products are made to last, and we keep our prices as low as we can.

Do you offer bundles or quantity discounts?

When purchasing more than one item from collections, such as our seating, a discount automatically applies.

In addition, we offer some of our products as sets with an overall discount.

If you wish to order 10 or more items, please contact us for a discount.

Do you offer business, charity or education discounts?

Yes, please contact us for a discount.

Delivery and packaging

In which countries do you deliver?

Via this web site, we deliver in the United Kingdom, the European Union and these countries: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

If your country is not in this list, contact us to arrange a special order.

Do you deliver for free?

We deliver for free in the United Kingdom.

Is your packaging sustainable?

Our packaging comprises of cardboard and tape only. It is practically plastic-free, we don’t use bubble wrap for example.

Does each product come in a reusable box?

Yes, each product comes in a box, easy to open and close, where you can store the product when disassembled. During delivery, this reusable box is protected by an outer disposable box.

What is your delivery policy?

See our detailed shipping policy.

Returns and warranty

What is your returns and exchange policy?

Upon receiving the last product of your order, you have 14 days to write to us that you would like to return or exchange a product, and a further 14 days to send us the product.

Within the UK, we cover the cost of returning the product to our warehouse with a standard (not express) tracked service of our choice. We will send you a return label.

Outside the UK, we ask that you cover the cost of returning the product to our UK warehouse, with a tracked service of our choice. We will send you a return label.

If you ask for a refund, we will refund you within 14 days of receiving your return.

Return the product in its original condition and packaging, including inner and outer boxes. Take care to seal the outer box with heavy duty tape. We will not process a return which is not in its original condition or damaged due to the customer’s packaging.

What is your warranty?

The UK “Consumer Rights Act 2015” gives you the right to expect that our products are of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. If a product does not meet this standard,

  • Within 30 days of delivery, you have the right to return the product for a refund.
  • Within six months of delivery, you have the right to a free repair or replacement of the product. After one attempt, if it still doesn’t meet this standard, you have the right to return the product for a refund. In either case we’ll pay for the return delivery. You should get a refund within 14 days of either us getting the products back, or you providing evidence of having returned the products, whichever is sooner.

To claim on warranty, contact us including your name, phone number and order number.

Are there exceptions to the warranty?

The following do not constitute a failure to meet the warranted standard:

  • Normal wear under normal use of the product;
  • Wear or failure under abnormal use, for example exceeding the stated capacities;
  • Staining of the product, even if it came with a protective finish;
  • Features in natural materials, such as knots in plywood;
  • Minor scratches present upon arrival;
  • A user finding it difficult to assemble the product, more than the average user.