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British design made in Europe

We combine innovative design with European woodworking. The result is unique, ecological, durable and beautiful furniture that moves with you!

Easy, strong and sustainable

Our furniture comes together easily without small parts or tools. It is strong and can be reassembled as often as required. Designed in London, it is made in Europe using a durable all-maple plywood.

  • No small parts or tools

  • As few parts as possible

  • Easy to reassemble

  • A single material per product

  • Strong and long-lasting

  • British design made in the EU

  • SaloneSatellite: The Top 7 Designers Under 35

    “London-based Canadian architect Jean-François C. Lemay presented his no screw, no glue tables, chairs, and bookshelves to rave reviews.” — Elle Decor Italia

  • Young Talents Satellite

    “Our furniture is a major benefit for urban dwellers in particular. There’s no risk that you’ll lose a screw or tool, since none are required.” — Design Diffusion News

  • Quebec presents its luminairies in Milan

    “In Milan, architect Jean-François Lemay promotes a brilliant furniture concept.” — La Presse (in French)

  • ★★★★★

    “I have this model in my living room and it looks fantastic, very sleek and sturdy. Assembly (and disassembly) was easy, making transport comfortable — highly appreciated when you move house as much as I do. I also enjoy the high-quality material and craftmanship.” — Julia Perez

    Maple Coffee Table – Bench 
  • ★★★★★

    “Great product. Excellent design, in terms of material (both in aesthetic and touch) and in the way its carefully modelled joints make it work (it’s almost a pleasure to disassemble it to assemble it again). A beautiful piece of design.” — Dario Castellari

    Maple Coffee Table – Bench 
  • ★★★★★

    “Congratulations for a wonderful design!! It’s not only beautiful but also really easy to assemble. It’s quite stain resistant too. Love it!” — Elena GF

    Maple Table